The Parsed Corpus of
Middle English Poetry (PCMEP)

PCMEP Text Information

The PCMEP currently includes 13 Middle English poems. The table below summarizes the approximate date of composition and word count for each of them. Click on a poem name for philological details on the text.

Text Name Estimated Date Word Count
The Grave 1150200
Body and Soul 11602781
Pater Noster 11701906
Poema Morale 11754080
The Proverbs of Alfred 11803095
A Good Orison of Our Lady 12051501
Love Ron 12501274
Joseph and Jacob 12654605
The Thrush and the Nightingale 12701108
Kyng Alisaunder 130045881
The Legend of Frideswide 13051884
An Orison of the Five Joys 1320560
The Simonie 13254817
Total: 73692